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about dulcinea utilitarian

this tongue-in-cheek collection is artist DELIA PRVACKI’s celebration of genesis, transformation, multiplication and continuity in women’s experiences. and, one might add, an ode to the artist’s daughter, ANA, and granddaughter, DIVNA. the collection named DULCINEA is produced from prototypes hand-built in the artist’s studio, the free hand of the artist is here preferred over the uniformed regularity of computerised rendering. the DULCINEA collection expressly connects the artist’s sensibility and experiences of intimacy with those of women here and everywhere.

DELIA PRVACKI was born in romania and moved to singapore with her family in 1992 where she has made significant contributions to the city’s landscape, and contemporary art with large scale public installations and commissioned work.

"my main goal is to inspire people to touch, use and keep in their hand a cup that inevitably reminds of our human condition; of perpetual life."
- delia prvacki, 2013.
the box

the limited edition artistic set that represents the ode to a mother and a child and their life long body and mind connection through carefully-curated pieces. the collection celebrates a woman’s transformation from a girl into a mature woman, her sensuality, health, and motherhood as well as her newborn as bold, curious and adventurous future human. contemporary minimal chic didactic design of the set is elegant and simple yet provocative.

mother and baby gift set

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